Greetings from a train

When I’ve traveled to places further away, with less contact and often less safety, my mother’s worries convinced me to keep a blog. Mostly, this was a way for her (and my grandmother) to ensure I was still alive. I thought a blog would ensure their piece of mind in a timely fashion.

However, I neglected to consider my grandmother’s aversion to technology. So instead of a quickly written blog that could be read online minutes after I wrote it, my mother would read the blog, print it, seal it in an envelope, and send it to my grandmother 4 provinces away. Technology Fail.

In the tradition of this counterproductiveness, my blog is now addressed to my grandmother. This way the snail mail she receives may be less confusing.


Dear Nana,

Just a quick word from the rails to let you know we’re doing well. Don’t know if mum told you, but the nice people at Via Rail are letting us play across the country on a train -18 performances in 6 days, from Halifax to Vancouver. We’re traveling with 2 guitars, a banjo, a tambourine, and a slew of harmonicas. Once we get out West, I’m playing a show at a lovely little place in Victoria called The Solstice Café. I’ll also be heading down to an island near Seattle to see a dear friend get married.

My room is approximately 4 feet by 5 feet. When I unpacked the instruments and a small suitcase, the room was full. No matter, I always like small spaces where I can curl up and stare out the window, so this will do quite nicely. It wasn’t until I boarded that I realized the enormity of what I’ll be seeing this week – thick forests in Northern Ontario, miles of fields in Saskatchewan, the Rockies – I haven’t seen the Rockies since we lived out West 20 years ago.

Right now we’re somewhere in Northern Ontario, between Capreol and Thunder Bay. Thought of you and Grandad while passing through Capreol; wondered how old you were when you lived here (probably about my age). It was easy to imagine this place in a different time; it’s a funny thing about the train, it feels almost timeless. It may have something to do with the furnishings, which are unapologetically 70’s chique, or the lack of technology (our iphones have been relegated to glorified alarm clocks in lieu of WiFi).

This whole experience feels quintessentially Canadian. The train, the scenery, the pace, is all a part of the country that I haven’t felt in awhile. Concrete sidewalks and busted schedules are replaced with trees, and more trees, and time to stare at these trees. No one around me is preoccupied with what they’re missing at home or online, and so it all drops away from me as well. I lose hours staring out the window without any sound other than the rails. It’s calming. I’m sleeping better. Instead of making to-do lists I’m playing Scrabble and looking for bears. No bears yet. Still hoping for bears.

And I’m writing. Almost immediately, I’m writing. It may have something to do with the Scrabble, but mostly I think it has to do with this abundance of time, and having space in my ears, whereas normally they feel full of sounds and thoughts and responsibilities.

By the way, if you get a chance can you send me your list of Scrabble words that involve ‘Q’ but no ‘U’? I’m getting killed.

All my love,




And so it starts to slow down; life, I mean. After an amazing East Coast Tour and release for Before I Knew, things are getting back to normal. I celebrated with 2 days down on the south shore, where I did the crossword in bed (a first, for me), stared at the ocean, and accumulated a horrendous sunburn. Now what?

Releasing the EP has been the biggest ‘to-do’ on my checklist for 2 years. Now that’s it’s completed, I almost don’t know what to do with myself. I owe a huge debt of thanks to a great deal of people:

– The musicians, producer, and behind-the scenes crew who took on this project and made it their own

– A lovely group of talented people who let you know that a girl named Lindsay had made an EP, and that you could come see her play or buy the album. This includes the photographer, graphic designer, tour manager, and writers

– The hosts, bookers, couch-lenders, and radio folks who lent me their time, their venues, their airwaves and their couches to release my first endeavour into the world

– Every person who attended a show, downloaded the album, and supported this with their words and their time. Thank you. Thank you.

After the release in Halifax on May 4th I had a lot of eager questions of “What’s next?” I have a few ideas.

Mainly, I will be recording my full-length album in the Fall. I don’t know where, and I don’t know how,  but it will be happening. This summer will be spent writing, re-writing, and crafting a bunch ‘o songs until they become music. The sound will be changing as I have the privilege of working with musicians from different backgrounds. My name may also be changing.

I like my name. I’ve had it for awhile. But the music is a product of sometimes me, sometimes a different version of me, and sometimes (most times) the product of many people. I want to create a word, a name, a presence that reflects this. I want a word that encompasses more than me. If you have suggestions, please send them my way. I promise to consider them.

Working hard feels great, but so does recuperating. I leave you with this lesson on recoupin’ from the doctor of cool, Mr. T.



House Concert Announced

I’m excited to announce the addition of a house concert to the East Coast Tour schedule! Held at the most unique house I’ve ever visited, in Prospect, NS, this solo show on Sunday, May 5th at 5:00 p.m., will have potluck fun followed by an intimate show, where I’ll talk a little more about the stories behind the songs.

I’m thrilled to have this on a bill, especially for those that can’t attend the Release Party Saturday night at The Company House. Please bring your kids, and I’ll keep the profanity to the more obscure references they won’t understand.

To reserve a spot please email



EP release

Hello there,

Friday, April 19th marks the official release of Before I Knew. Head on over here to download it, buy a copy online, or come out to see a show during the East Coast Release Tour.

A big hug to everyone who worked on this. Don at Spaces Between Studio in Halifax; Adam, Matt, Neal, Rebecca, and Julia for playing on the album; Matt Connell at Northwood Studios for mastering, and a special thanks to everyone who has come to a show in a coffee shop, bar, street corner, backyard, and living room over the past few years.

(If you’re wondering who did the lovely album and poster design, it was Meags Fitzgerald. She draws, writes, sews, cobbles, and generally makes artistic magic. )




CBC Searchlight


The voting has begun for CBC Searchlight! Our lovely Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is looking for the next great musical act, as decided by its listeners. In addition to a heap of prizes for the winner, it’s also a great way to discover new local artists. You can listen to people specific to your region, or from all over Canada.

My title track, Before I Knew is featured so have a listen, a vote, and hopefully find something new as well.



Thanks, Toronto

The EP is finished, and sitting quietly under my bed until the release and tour in April. However, I couldn’t resist a sneak peak show last week at Free Times Cafe while I was in Toronto.

The weather had other plans, and they billed me appropriately based on the Armageddon that descended from the sky. Despite that, quite a few people managed to make it out. Thanks for that:) The more time I spend in Toronto, the less it feels like an alien city and the more it feels like home.

Graydon James and Laura Spink of Graydon James and the Young Novelists opened the evening, and if you weren’t able to make it out you can catch them at the Cameron House this month!